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American-Made Tib Bar 2.0

American-Made Tib Bar 2.0

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This concept was thought up by Bob Gajda decades ago, but it was underrated and fell out of production until ATG brought it back to light. Now, companies worldwide are producing Tib Bars, and my mission is to bring you the lowest-priced American-made option.

The primary issue with Tib Bars lies in the tendency for the weight to shift down the shaft and the plates to shift during use. Our innovative keyed design empowers you to secure the weight in precise 1/4” increments. The Molded Tib Bar is lightweight and collapsible, making it convenient to transport to the gym. 

The Tib Bar 2.0 only weighs 2 LBS.

*The Tib Bar 2.0 is made of VERY tough and durable ABS plastic material. ABS is a preferred structural material due to its impressive strength, impact resistance, and temperature performance properties. The Tib Bar 2.0 is significantly stronger and more durable than our previous version of the Tib Bar, while at the same time being lighter, and more portable, using never before seen patented technology.*

Lightweight & Portable
Weight 2 LBS
No Collars needed
Made of Durable ABS Material
8 Inch Loadable Sleeve Length
Patent Pending Design
High-Quality NPVC Foam for added comfort
Made in the USA

Length 11.5 Inches
Width 12.5 Inches 
Hight 7.5 Inches 

Rated to 150 LBS
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