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The BackBench

The BackBench

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This is awesome for the whole family—particularly for those who’ve spent the most years sitting at a desk!

I won’t take much credit though: rounded benches were being made almost 100 years ago!

Exercise took a more rigid approach, and decades later we’ve come to realize that was a big mistake.

Now we have a chance to change the game.

I hope you love your BackBench as much as I do!


  • Two versions are available, a regular and a smaller version.
  • Comes with black upholstered PVC fabric covering.
  • Nonslip covering on the base prevents movement during use.
  • The lightweight, dense foam construction makes it easy to store and move when not in use. 
  • The BackBench is an excellent mobility product to help open up the shoulders and chest in reverse of all the sitting most people do.
  • The pullover is a great exercise to enhance overall joint health and is one of our standards at ATG. It helps strengthen your shoulders, chest, and back, and it expands your ribcage, allowing for increased lung capacity.
  • The pullover is a great exercise to enhance overall joint health.
  • With the ATG BackBench, pullovers have never been more comfortable. 

Regular BackBench Dimensions:

  • Length: 32 Inches 
  • Width: 24 Inches 
  • Height: 16 Inches 

Smaller BackBench Dimensions:

  • Length: 21 Inches 
  • Width: 24 Inches 
  • Height: 10.5 Inches 

Weight Capacity For Both:

Load tested to 600 LBS

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